🐞 Checks for your TOA in the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program website.
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TOA Checker

Checks for your TOA in the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program website.



This is a guide to deploying this app on Heroku.

Clone or download and extract this project.

Go to https://www.heroku.com/ and register for a free account. Then, download and install the Heroku Toolbelt.

Open a terminal (or command prompt) and navigate to the project folder.

Run heroku login and login to your Heroku account.

Run heroku create NAME to create a new Heroku app using this project. NAME can be whatever you want (as long as it's available).

Add the Mongolab addon to your app: heroku addons:add mongolab. This is your database.

Add the Heroku Scheduler addon to your app: heroku addons:add scheduler. This is your job scheduler.

Add the SendGrid addon to your app: heroku addons:add sendgrid. This is your email sender.

Use heroku config:set KEY=VALUE to set the following configurations:

  • URL: the URL the app will run on. Usually, http://NAME.herokuapp.com/. Please include the trailing '/'.
  • MAIL_ACCOUNT: the email address account that will SEND emails to subscribers (example: toansioso@gmail.com). It can be any email address, really.

For example, you'd need to run heroku config:set MAIL_ACCOUNT=myemail@gmail.com, etc.

Now, run heroku addons:open scheduler, which will take you to your browser on the Scheduler dashboard. There, you need to add 6 jobs like this:

alt tag

Finally, git push heroku master to deploy the app!

Open your app with heroku open to see if it worked. If something went wrong, you can use heroku logs to debug it.