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Python wrapper for the hidapi (not active, use one of the forks)
C Python
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ARM distrib support and support for multiple identical devices through use of hid_open_path
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A cython interface to the hidapi from with the C modification for windows from so I could build it with mingw on windows.

This has been tested with:

  • the PIC18F4550 on the development board from CCS with their example program.
  • the Fine Offset WH3081 Weather Station.

It works on Linux, Windows XP and OS X.

Software Dependencies


You are free to use cython-hidapi code for any purpose.


  1. Download cython-hidapi archive:

    $ git clone
    $ cd cython-hidapi

For other download options (zip, tarball) visit the github web page of cython-hidapi

  1. Build cython-hidapi extension module for your platform:

    $ python setup[-mac|-windows].py build
  2. Install cython-hidapi module into your Python distribution:

    $ [sudo] python setup[-mac|-windows].py install
  1. Test install:

    $ python
    >>> import hid
  1. Try example script:

    $ python
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