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Recordings scheduling system using plain-text files for HDHomeRun tuners


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HDHomeRun Plain-Text Scheduler

Recordings scheduling system using plain-text files for HDHomeRun tuners

Example recording schedule:

See the schedules.example.txt file for more examples, and more details about the file format (eg. how to use comments).

    serie       Game of Thrones
    episode     S7E08
        named   The Final FINAL episode
    on channel  17.1
    on date     2017-08-19
    at          09:00
    duration    1h07m
    save to     /path/to/recordings/

Episode name is optional, as is the episode ID (SxxEyy); if not specified, the date of the recording will be used (SyyyyEmmdd).
Save to path is also optional, if you define a default in the config.php file.
The final recorded file will be saved as /path/to/recordings/Serie/Season xx/Serie SxxEyy Ep name.ts


  • Linux (PR for Windows compatibility are welcome)
  • PHP 7.x
  • cURL module for PHP
  • exec() available (it is used to spawn new PHP processes to handle individual recordings)
  • Optional: web server (Apache, nginx, ...)


  • Copy config.example.php to config.php, and edit as required;
  • Copy schedules.example.txt to schedules.txt, and edit to list all the recordings you'd like to schedule;
  • Install composer (if you don't already have it), and run: composer install
  • Add a cron job that will run every minute, to start recordings as needed:
crontab -l > mycron
echo >> mycron
echo '# HDHomeRun Plain-Text Scheduler' >> mycron
echo '* * * * *   php /path/to/hdhomerun-plain-scheduler/bin/cron.php' >> mycron
crontab mycron
rm mycron

Web UI

There is a very simple web UI to monitor your scheduled recording, and add new ones.
To use it, simply point your favorite HTTP server to the web/ sub-folder. It contains an index.php file that will be used to serve web content.
Of note: make sure the user running the HTTP server can read your schedules & log files, and optionally write to your schedules file (if you want to be able to create new schedules from the web).


Recordings scheduling system using plain-text files for HDHomeRun tuners








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