Python Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
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Tentacles is a Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) written in Python. It's main concept is to manipulate stored datas as you do for python data structures.


###Installation To install:

easy_install tentacles


wget [](
tar xvf tentacles.latest.tar.gz
cd tentacles-* && ./ install

Python native datas manipulation vs tentacles

python native

class SuperHero(object):
	def __init__(self, name, gender, power):   = name
		self.gender = gender
		self.power  = power

 hero1 = SuperHero('superman', 'male', 'flight')
 print "%s can %s" % (, hero1.power)

... vs tentacles

from tentacles import Object
from fields    import *
class SuperHero(Object):
	name   = String()
	gender = String()
	power  = String()

hero1 = SuperHero(name='superman', gender='male', power='flight')
print "%s can %s" % (, hero1.power)

python native

heros   = [hero1, SuperHero(name='wonder woman', gender='female', power='enhanced vision')]
females = filter(lambda e: e.gender == 'female', heros)
for e in females:
	print "superheroine: %s" %

... vs tentacles
SuperHero(name='wonder woman', gender='female', power='enhanced vision').save()

from tentacles import filter
females = filter(lambda e: e.gender == 'female', SuperHero)
for e in females:
	print "superheroine: %s" %

Declaring Objects

First, import requirements

from tentacles        import *
from tentacles.fields import *

Then open your datastorage (it creates the database if not exists)

db = Storage('sqlite3:/tmp/test.db')

You can now declare your objects (inheriting from Object base class). Each object is made of a list of typed fields:

class User(Object):
	id 	    = Integer(pk=True, autoincrement=True)
	name    = String(default='John Doe')
	active  = Boolean(default=False)

class Group(Object):
	id      = Integer(pk=True)
	name    = String()

	owner   = Reference(User)
	members = ReferenceSet(User)

Finally, create underlying Object stores:


Manipulating Objects

Create Objects, setting default fields values

john = User(name='jon', active=True)
mary = User(name='mary', active=False)

admins = Group(name='admins')

Reading and Writing Objects fields values

>>> 'jon' = 'john'

Relational fields (ReferenceSet field is manipulated just as a python list)

admins.owner   = john
admins.members = [john]


Saving Objects to underlying storage

Querying Objects

Queying possibilities are currently limited


active_members = filter(lambda u: == True, User)

###Range some_members = User[10:20]

###Sorting alphabetic_members = User >> 'name'

NOTE: >> sort in ascending order while `<<̀ in descending

Of course, you can combine those queries:

active_members = filter(lambda u: == True, User)[10:20] >> 'name'

Available Field Types

each field can take default and unique (boolean) parameters

###Integer A signed integer value


  • allow_none: allow field to take None value
  • pk (boolean): if True, the field is the primary key of the object underlying table (MUST then be unique)
  • autoincrement (boolean): if True, field value will be automatically set when saving, with an increasing value

###String An unlimit sized string value.

NOTE: strings are stored in unicode

###Boolean True or False value.

###Binary Any type of binary content (picture, file content, ...).

###Datetime A datetime value (should be an instance of datetime.datetime)i

NOTE: if default is "now", empty value will be initialized with current datetime when data saved

###Reference Unary (e.g one to many) reference to another Object.

NOTE: requires the Object as first argument

owner = Reference(User)

##ReferenceSet Multiple (e.g many to many) reference to another Object.

NOTE: requires the Object as first argument

members = ReferenceSet(User)


Tentacles is pretty yound and incomplete, and still in alpha stage. It currently support only sqlite3 backend, while more are scheduled at mid-term (mysql, postgresql, but also no-sql storages, like openldap, mongodb, ...)


Tentacles is licensed under GNU GPL v3. It is written by Guillaume Bour