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A carousel component for Angular using Material
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Material Carousel

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This package is a carousel component for Angular using Material Design.

Until v1 is reached, breaking changes may be introduced.


npm install --save @ngmodule/material-carousel


import { MatCarouselModule } from '@ngmodule/material-carousel';

  // ...
  imports: [
    // ...
    // ...
export class AppModule {}



import { MatCarousel, MatCarouselComponent } from '@ngmodule/material-carousel';


Input Type Description Default value
timings string Timings for slide animation. '250ms ease-in'
autoplay boolean Enable automatic sliding. true
interval number Autoplay's interval in milliseconds. 5000
loop boolean Enable loop through arrows. true
hideArrows boolean Hide navigation arrows. false
hideIndicators boolean Hide navigation indicators. false
color ThemePalette Color palette from Material. 'accent'
maxWidth string Maximum width. 'auto'
proportion number Height proportion compared to width. 25
slides number Maximum amount of displayed slides.
useKeyboard boolean Enable keyboard navigation. true
useMouseWheel boolean Enable navigation through mouse wheeling. false
orientation Orientation Orientation of the sliding panel. 'ltr'
svgIconOverrides SvgIconOverrides Override default carousel icons with registered SVG icons.


import { MatCarouselSlide, MatCarouselSlideComponent } from '@ngmodule/material-carousel';


Input Type Description Default value
image string Image displayed in the slide.
overlayColor string Color of the slide's overlay. '#00000040'
hideOverlay boolean Toggle overlay on/off. false
disabled boolean Skip slide when navigating. false


How to help

How to develop and test


ng test carousel --watch false

Running the demo application

ng serve demo --source-map

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