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$BASE = '../..';
include "$BASE/header.php";
<p>The <b>Integrated Authority File (GND)</b> is an authority file for Persons,
Corporate bodies, Conferences and Events, Geographic Information, Topics and
Works. It is operated cooperatively mostly by German libraries. Its content can
be used under <a href="">CC
1.0</a> in multiple formats. GND is being mapped to several other knowledge
organization systems.</p>
<h3>Mappings from GND</h3>
See the <a href="../">concordance registry</a> for
<li>GND-DDC mappings (project CrissCross)</li>
<li>GND-LCSH mappings (project macs)</li>
<li><strike>GND-RAMEAU mappings (project macs)</strike></li>
Additional mappings are counted daily:
$mappings = [];
foreach (file('count-gnd-mappings.csv') as $line) {
list($date, $code, $count) = explode(',',rtrim($line));
if ($count) {
$mappings[$code] = ['date' => $date, count => $count];
<table class="table sortable table-hover tablesorter tablesorter-gbv">
<th class="text-right">Mappings</th>
<?php foreach ($mappings as $code => $m) { ?>
<td class="text-right">
<a href="<?=$code?>"><?=$m['count']?></a>
<?php } ?>
<h3>Mappings from other systems</h3>
<h4>Wikidata Mappings</h4>
<p>See <a href="../wikidata">Wikidata concordances</a> for mappings from Wikidata to GND, harvested daily.</p>
<h4>RVK Mappings</h4>
<p>See the <a href="../">Concordance registry</a> for concordances between RVK and GND.</p>
include "$BASE/footer.php";