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The GC3 Beamer/LaTeX theme

This directory hosts the GC3 style files for use with the LaTeX beamer document class. You can see an example in the example.pdf file.

The GC3 theme is based on the Beamer theme UZHNEU by Juergen Spitzmueller and the Corporate Design section of the University of Zurich, released on October 2010.

Distributed files

The following files are included in this directory:

  • beamerthemegc3.sty: The beamer theme file.
  • gc3.sty: A LaTeX package with additional commands and customizations frequently used in GC3 presentations.
  • example.tex: A sample presentation file.


The GC3 theme files includes the University of Zurich logos on the title slide (unless the informal style option is given, see "Usage" below).

The logo files are not included in this repository for copyright reasons; if you work at the UZH, you can download them from the UZH Corporate Design website.

The files containing the logos must be named uzh_logo_d_pos.pdf or uzh_logo_e_pos.pdf: the e one is the English/International version, the d one is the German-language logo. If you compile your slides to a Postscript file instead of PDF, then you should use the .eps files of the logos, instead of the .pdf ones.


To use the GC3 beamer theme, copy the beamerthemegc3.sty, the gc3.sty and the uzh_logo_*_pos.pdf files into the directory where your LaTeX/beamer source is.

Include this command in your .tex file:


The GC3 theme looks better with serif and math serif fonts; to activate those you need to pass options serif and mathserif to the "beamer" document class:


The example.tex file provides a sample presentation in the English language with the "serif" font style.


By default, the GC3 theme prints the University logo and heading on the title slide. If you want to suppress this behavior and make the title slide use the same look as the other ones, use the informal option:


The GC3 theme detects the language in use and uses the German version of the UZH logo if Beamer has been passed the german option. You can force the use of the German logo by passing option german (or deutsch):


Conversely, you can force usage of the English/International version of the logo with the english option:


Optional features from gc3.sty

The gc3.sty LaTeX package defines a few additional typesetting commands and environments that we have found useful. To use them, insert this line in the preamble:


The following commands and LaTeX environments are defined in gc3.sty:

  • \+

    Adds a larger vertical separation between paragraphs or blocks; may be repeated multiple times for greater effect.

  • \begin{lstlisting} ... \end{lstlisting}, \begin{python} ... \end{python}, \begin{sh} ... \end{sh}

    We load the listings package and pref-configure it with colors that should blend well with the GC3/UZH slide set style.

    The python and sh environments are just shorthands for \begin{lstlisting}[language=python] and ...[language=sh] respectively.

  • \HL{text}

    Use \HL to highlight a region of text: \HL{highlighted text}. An optional highlighting color can be specified: \HL[yellow!25]{yellow highlighter}; color specifications follow the syntax allowed by the LaTeX xcolor package.

  • \begin{question} ... \end{question}

    Typeset a question. Use Beamer's \pause and \only commands to reveal the answer.

  • \begin{references} ... \end{references}, \begin{seealso} ... \end{seealso}

    Typeset references to additional material.

  • \begin{describe}{item} descriptive text \end{describe}

    Typeset one item of a definition list; the item is typeset on a line of its own and highlighted.

  • \hl{text}

    This is the highlighting used in the describe environment.

  • \begin{exercise} ... \end{exercise}, \begin{exercise*}[optional label] ... \end{exercise*}

    Typeset an exercise; exercises are labeled sequentially with capital roman letters A, B, C, ... The starred version of the environment lets you specify the label (or does not label the block if no label text is provided.

Copyright and License

The original UZHNEU theme is Copyright 2010 Juergen Spitzmueller

Modifications are Copyright 2012 Grid Computing Competence Center, University of Zurich

The GC3 theme style files can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the GNU Public License, version 3 or --at your option-- any later version.


The GC3 theme for LaTeX/Beamer slides.



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