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Humanity: a beautiful kind of capital that grows through Sharing.



TheGreenHouse is a non-profit association, located in Orria (Salerno), a beautiful country in the south of Italy inside Parco Nazionale del Cilento, an UNESCO heritage.

Its goal is to promote events and formation activities in the cultural and artistic field, to allow the personal improvement of the attenders and the social and cultural development of the Cilento country. Our social world mainly bases its interactions on capitals incapable of regeneration and only intended to cumulate and put people in a bad competition mood. TheGreenHouse comes from the dream of setting life and creativity free, putting in touch people who sincerely want to share and improve their knowledge and experience with the main goal to be proud of what they work on. Most of capital types but money or goods can grow through sharing: the more we give, the more we get. DNA. Hugs. Knowledge. Artistic and human maturity. Culture. Emotions. Friendship. Esteem. Happiness. Our first capital is each and every one who has been, who is and who will be inspired by this concept and started to think about, to imagine... to share our dream.

TheGreenHouse is a cooperative society of ideas and knowledge, an International Study Center, a place where sustainable economy has a real chance, since life quality simply means good food, good atmosphere, good state of mind. Thanks for being here, you’re our first real gain.


This web page is built with Github pages and hosted by :octocat: with love.

CC License

This work is provided under the terms of this license: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

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