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Rails Wip Build Status


Rails Wip - as in Work In Progress - is a very crude (no, really, I mean very crude!) feature toggle for rails apps.


In your Gemfile:

gem "rails_wip"


In your templates, wrap features which are still a work in progress in a wip block:

<%= wip do %>
    Work In Progress feature
<% end %>

In development and test environments the wrapped sections will be displayed normally. But in other environments - namely production - those sections will not be displayed by default.

You can display the sections even in other environments by passing wip=true in a query string:


The only advantage I can think of for using this over other feature toggle implementations is that it is ridiculously easy to setup. You can have feature toggles working in literally a few seconds.


The original code for this was implemented by azisaka for a project we worked on together. Here I extracted the code and packaged it up as a gem.

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