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Bring order to vim tabs

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Taboo is a simple plugin that ease renaming vim tabs and customizing their appearance.


  • Vim 7.2+


You can either extract the content of the folder into the $HOME/.vim directory or use a plugin manager such as Vundle, Pathogen or Neobundle.

NOTE: tabs look different in terminal vim than in gui versions. If you wish having terminal style tabs even in gui versions you have to add the following line to your .vimrc file

set guioptions-=e

Taboo is able to remeber custom tab labels when you save the current session but you are required to set the following option in your .vimrc file

set sessionoptions+=tabpages,globals


TabooRename {name} Renames the current tab with the name provided.

TabooOpen {name} Opens a new tab and and gives it the name provided.

TabooReset Removes the custom label associated with the current tab.

Basic options


With this option you can customize the way normal tabs (not renamed tabs) look like. Below all the available items:

  • %f: file name
  • %F: path relative to $HOME
  • %a: absolute path
  • %[n]a : custom level of path depth (e.g. %2a)
  • %n: tab number only on the active tab
  • %N: tab number on each tab
  • %m: modified flag
  • %w: number of windows opened into the tab

Default: %f%m


Same as g:taboo_tab_format but for renamed tabs. In a renamed tab, the items %f, %F, %a and %[n]a will be evaluated to the custom label associated to the tab.

Default: [%f]%m


This option controls how the modified flag looks like.

Default: *

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