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Few utilities for pretty tabs
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Taboo aims to ease the way you set the vim tabline. In addition, Taboo provides fews useful utilities for renaming tabs.


Install either with Vundle, Pathogen or Neobundle.

NOTE: tabs look different in terminal vim than in gui versions. If you wish having terminal style tabs even in gui versions you have to add the following line to your .vimrc file

set guioptions-=e

Taboo is able to remember tab names when you save the current session but you are required to set the following option in your .vimrc file

set sessionoptions+=tabpages,globals


  • TabooRename <tabname> Renames the current tab with the name provided.
  • TabooOpen <tabname> Opens a new tab and and gives it the name provided.
  • TabooReset Removes the custom label associated with the current tab.

Basic options


With this option you can customize the look of tabs. Below all the available items:

  • %f: the name of the first buffer open in the tab
  • %a: the path relative to $HOME of the first buffer open in the tab
  • %n: the tab number, but only on the active tab
  • %N: the tab number on each tab
  • %w: the number of windows opened into the tab, but only on the active tab
  • %W: the number of windows opened into the tab, on each tab
  • %u: same as %w, but using unicode characters
  • %U: same as %W, but using unicode characters
  • %m: the modified flag

Default: " %f%m "


Same as g:taboo_tab_format but for renamed tabs. In addition, you can use the following items:

  • %l: the custom tab name set with :TabooRename

NOTE: with renamed tabs the items %f and %a will be evaluated to an empty string.

Default: " [%l]%m "


This option controls how the modified flag looks like.

Default: "*"


Turn off this option and Taboo won't generate the tabline. This may be useful if you want to do it yourself with the help of the functions TabooTabTitle(..) or TabooTabName(..).

Default: 1

Public interface

Taboo provides a couple of public functions that may be used by third party plugins:

  • TabooTabTitle(tabnumber) -> string

    This function returns the formatted tab title according to the options g:taboo_tab_format and g:taboo_renamed_tab_format (for renamed tabs).

  • TabooTabName(tabnumber) -> string

    This function returns the name of a renamed tab. If a tab has no name, an empty string is returned.

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