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sass-lint style checker for Syntastic
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vim-sass-lint prints out the found config filename every time you run `:w`. To my knowledge no other Syntastic syntax checkers have this behaviour. I would propose to remove it so it doesn’t distract the user.
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Sass Lint Syntastic Checker

A VIM sass-lint Syntastic syntax checker

Getting Started

  1. Install sass-lint via npm install -g sass-lint (requires Node.js)
  2. Install the vim-sass-lint and the syntastic plugin. I use Vundle to simplify my plugin management, but this plugin should work with any vim plugin management tool.

To install with Vundle, follow the Vundle install instructions and then add syntastic and vim-sass-lint to your .vimrc.

Plugin 'scrooloose/syntastic'
Plugin 'gcorne/vim-sass-lint'
  1. Enable the sasslint checker in your .vimrc
let g:syntastic_sass_checkers=["sasslint"]
let g:syntastic_scss_checkers=["sasslint"]

Using with a config file

By default, vim-sass-lint will look for .sass-lint.yml in a parent directory of the file being checked. If found, it will use that config.

Alternatively, a config file can be specified by using a buffer or global variable. The most common case is probably to add the path to the config file to your .vimrc

let g:sass_lint_config = '/path/to/config.yml'
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