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In progress. Ideas for a db-less server / static site generator that's as flexible as you need it to be.


  • Setting global "state".
  • Helper methods for searching, iterating models.
  • Plug in other template langs, not just Jade.
  • Remapping sources for localization, etc.
  • Related to mapping, remote data sources.
  • Static-izer - Generate a static site. Require that your routes map directly to model IDs for "automatic" generation. Else provide an array of URLs you'd like the sytem to parse and output.
    • Something like the angular staticizer for SEO (year of moo link).
  • What do you do with binary files that "belong" to modules?
    • Separate folder structure that can be re-mapped?
  • Use comments in markdown to split it into an array of rendered content, for pages or post-preview split.