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🎮 A spaceship shooting game developed using JavaScript ES6, Canvas
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English | 简体中文

Star Battle

A spaceship shooting game developed using JavaScript ES6, Canvas.

Topics in the 2017 Abu Dhabi World Skills Competition.

Demo Preview

Online view:link

Start interface

Game interface

End interface

Rank interface

Game Rules

  1. Press WASD control spacecraft,Press Space fire.
  2. The initial fuel value is 15. Decrement by 1 point per second. When the fuel value is 0, the game is over.
  3. The fuel bottle that touches it can be increased by 15 points and the maximum value is 30 points.
  4. Hit the enemy spacecraft to increase by 5 points. The planet needs to hit twice, increasing by 10 points. Hit the friend to deduct 10 points.
  5. Collision enemy loses 15 points of fuel, and the friendly party deducts 10 points.
  6. Game allows negative points.
  7. Press P Pause game. Press M mute。


Blog · GitHub @gd4Ark


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