Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard an Erlang Web Game using Mochiweb and the Comet technique
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RPSSL - Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard is a simple but famous game for 2 players. Usually it's played with your own hands, in first person, but this is the web version.

The web version uses the Comet technique which is a long running HTTP request that can be used for immediate server push of data to the client.

Each http request is a separate Erlang process. We can leave it to block forever, holding the connection open, since it's using very little resources.


This project now uses the "rebar" tool to compile and handle dependencies. I've decided not to bundle the tool itself in the source tree, but it's easy to get from the rebar projects site (don't forget to make it executable).

Rebar can get the dependencies, compile everything at once and even install:

chmod +x rebar
./rebar get-deps
./rebar compile

(note: the Makefile is left as an example, but doesn't need to be used)


And we are ready to start:

erl -pa ebin/ -pa deps/mochiweb/ebin

For a quick test without a browser, run the following commands in two separate terminals:

curl -d attack=rock http://localhost:9999/test-game/attack
curl -d attack=scissors http://localhost:9999/test-game/attack

You will notice how the first one blocks until the second one plays, and then both are immediately released. (test-game is the id of the game)

The code is MIT licensed.