IOS UIImage processing functions using the vDSP/Accellerate framework for speed.
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image-dsp Merge pull request #8 from flambert/retina-fix Jan 30, 2013


UIImage Image Processing extensions using the vDSP/Accelerate framework. 

Fast Image Blur/Sharpen/Emboss/Matrix operations for UIImage. 

REQUIRES IOS 4.0 and The Accelerate framework.

I was in desperate need of a fast blur operation for UIImages and the OpenGL 
solutions I've seen are a little complicated for my needs, these aren't quite 
as fast but are potentially very powerful and still quite fast relative to 
hand coding loops. 

- Ensure your project is set with a base and deployment target > 4.0
- Include the Accelerate Framework in your project
- Copy the UIImage+DSP.h and UIImage+DSP.m classes into your project
- In any class where you wish to use the functions import UIImage+DSP.h
- Call the imageByApplying... methods, these return an auto-released UIImage.

blur example:
 UIImage* src = [UIImage imageNamed:@"image.png"];
 UIImage* blurred = [src imageByApplyingGaussianBlur3x3];

Please feel free to send any bugfixes/pull requests on if you've got something good!