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A lightweight overlaying scrollbar that fades out when not in use.
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version 0.1.4

An auto-hiding customizable scroll bar plugin that supports native scrolling/mousewheel/touch (work in progress).

This was done on a Sunday and hasn't been tested a lot, I wouldn't recommend for production.

example showing scrollbar


<link href="/path/to/jquery.scrollfade.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<script src="/path/to/jquery.scrollfade.js"></script>



This does support multiple scrollable items on one page.


Check out the examples in the /examples folder:

add-content.html dynamically adds content and demos a window with little content

div-image.html absolute positioned div with an image that is persisted.

matrix.html a bit of a load test

table.html a relatively positioned div inside a TD for positioning

themed.html an example of theming scrollfade

Configuration Variables

arrow-color default: 'black'

arrow colors, use 'black' or 'white'

click-scroll default: 100

amount of pixels the arrow buttons scroll up or down

time-fade-in default: 100

amount of milliseconds it takes for the scroll bar to fade in when required

time-fade-out default: 200

amount of milliseconds it takes for the scroll bar to fade out when cursor leaves window

delay-fader default: 200

milliseconds to wait before fading out the scroll bar due to inactivity

animate-multiplier default: 0

use if you want to animate the scrolling when the arrow button is clicked. If you want to use it I recommend 1, which will wait 100 milliseconds to scroll 100 pixels. 2 would wait 200 milliseconds to scroll 100 pixels. leave as 0 to not animate.

Using Configuration


//this would scroll the page 200 pixels whent he up or down arrows are clicked and take 200ms to animate the scroll

Changing Content

Sometimes you want to change the content inside a scrollable window. Rather than using JQuery's html/append/prepend use the plugins:

$('.window').scrollfade('html','I am a');
$('.window').scrollfade('prepend','Hello, ');

Some other useful methods:

//trigger activity so the scroll bar appears fir a bit

//adjust the thumb position in the track based on the scrolled position of the window:

Customizing CSS

Note: The scroll bar floats on top of the content. Position it wherever relative to the content window.

Useful CSS Paths

The up and down buttons (with the arrow image placed):


The full track for the scroll bar (do not overlap with buttons):


The thumb/slider inside the track to display where we are on the page:


Note: There are some examples and notes in the CSS file you can check out.


Please do not put nested scrollable windows in each other, it will have unexpected results.

Browser Support

Current browsers supported, not sure how far back..

Known Bugs

  • Mouse controlling the slider sometimes gets weird
  • When there is a margin on the top or bottom of the content the height calcuation is a bit off.


  • known bugs with mouse controlling the slider
  • touch support
  • Better examples & testing
  • Neseted windows
  • Horizontal scrolling (meh)

-Greg Bate

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