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XBMC addon to control MiCasaVerde's Vera 2 (Home Automation)
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Clean buttonID->scene/device dicts at ui refresh

Fix a bug preventing a device button to work if the same GUI control ID
was previously associated with a scene.
latest commit 194fe6ad57
Guido De Rosa authored


XBMC[1] addon to control Mi Casa Verde's Vera[2] (Home Automation).

Copyright 2011, Guido De Rosa[3] and Antonello Ventre[4].

License: GPL v2 or, at your option, any later version.

Sponsored by VEMAR S.A.S.[5], Paterno (PZ), Italy.

Pictures Copyright:

* The vast majority of icons and pictures come from Vera web UI, 
  Copyright Mi Casa Verde / MiOS , 
  and are located in resources/skins/Default/media/mios

* icon.png is based on, 
  Copyright Mi Casa Verde

* fanart.jpg is based on 
  (see the URL for Copyright info)

* resources/skins/Default/media/controls/button-focus.png is based on the
  XBMC Confluence skin, Copyright Team XBMC  

[3] guido.derosa at
[4] antonello.ventre at

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