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vCloud Net Launcher is a CLI tool and Ruby library that supports automated provisioning of VMware vCloud Director vDC networks
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vCloud Net Launcher

A tool that takes a YAML configuration file describing vCloud networks and configures each of them.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'vcloud-net_launcher'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install vcloud-net_launcher


The form to run the command is vcloud-net-launch networks.yaml


Please see the vcloud-tools usage documentation.


  • Configuration of multiple networks
  • Supports natRouted and isolated network types
  • Accepts multiple ip address ranges
  • Defaults
    • IsShared : false
    • IpScope -> IsEnabled : true
    • IpScope -> IsInherited : false


  • Not currently reentrant - if the process errors part of the way through, the previously applied network config will need to be removed from the file before it is corrected and run again.

  • No support for deleting networks. If you need to reconfigure a network, delete it first using the vCloud Director GUI and re-run vcloud-net-launch.


Please see the contributing guidelines.

Other settings

vCloud Net Launcher uses vCloud Core. If you want to use the latest version of vCloud Core, or a local version, you can export some variables. See the Gemfile for details.

The vCloud API

vCloud Tools currently use version 5.1 of the vCloud API. Version 5.5 may work but is not currently supported. You should be able to access the 5.1 API in a 5.5 environment, and this is currently supported.

The default version is defined in Fog.

If you want to be sure you are pinning to 5.1, or use 5.5, you can set the API version to use in your fog file, e.g.

vcloud_director_api_version: 5.1


export EXCON_DEBUG=true - this will print out the API requests and responses.


Run the default suite of tests (e.g. lint, unit, features):

bundle exec rake

There are also integration tests. These are slower and require a real environment. See the vCloud Tools website for details of how to set up and run the integration tests.

The parameters required to run the vCloud Net Launcher integration tests are:

default: # This is the fog credential that refers to your testing environment, e.g. `test_credential`
  vdc_1_name: # The name of a VDC
  edge_gateway: # The name of the edge gateway
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