A javascript parser for DXF files. It reads DXF file strings into one large javascript object with more readable properties and a more logical structure.
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Dxf Parser is a javascript parser for dxf files. It reads dxf files into one large javascript object with readable properties and a more logical structure.

Also, keep an eye on three-dxf, a browser module for rendering the output of Dxf-Parser in the browser.


npm install dxf-parser

Browsers -- As of 0.1.3 standalone browserify version is in the dist/ folder. Copy it out of the install directory or just download it from the GitHub repo directly. We may evetually publish this to bower, but the build environment needs a little work first.


// Grab fileText in node.js or browser
var fileText = ...;

var parser = new DxfParser();
try {
    var dxf = parser.parseSync(fileText);
}catch(err) {
    return console.error(err.stack);

See the wiki Example Output page to get an idea of what the results look like.

Run Samples


node samples/parseSync
node samples/parseStream

browser - the three-dxf repo has a sample for viewing dxf cad in the browser

What's Supported


  • Header
  • Most 2D entities
  • Layers
  • LType table
  • Block table and inserts
  • VPort table
  • Text and some MTEXT
  • Some XData

Does not yet support

  • 3DSolids
  • All types of Leaders
  • other less common objects and entities.


See the wiki for info on contributing

Run Tests

npm install -g mocha
npm test
mocha test