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TODO List:
( features included in () have lower priority)
Geany 0.6 or later:
o filetype SQL
o filetype (O)Caml
o add the file open dialog current directory support to Win32
o fix a freeze at switching between filetypes with files in
ISO-8859-x encoding (reported by Jörg Sommer)
o added new wildcard {geanyversion} to have recent Geany version in
filetype templats
o fix: "attempt to put segment in horiz list twice" warning
o open files in a new tab in a already running instance
o encoding-bug in utils_convert_to_utf8()
o documentation: list and explain filetype modes
o src/interface.c: reorder the 'document' menu entry, differ between
document related and general settings, new submenu: View->Editor
o make keyboard shortcuts user-definable
o inverting highlighting by selection
o put default filetype extensions in the config file, read them in a GList
o src/sci_cb.c: improve auto completion(include local tags)
o src/sci_cb.c: do CSS multiline auto comments like at HTML
o property dialog in File->Properties like
o extend use of doc_list[].is_valid
o (command line option -e (editor mode))
o (startup notification)
o (indent wrapped lines, but how?)
o (project management)
o (folding)
o (folder tree in the sidebar)
o (vim-like settings stored in files as comment)
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