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The purpose for Total Grid is to build a Community where like minded individuals can share and build out solutions leveraging Project Reef. Reef supports two open source licenses Apache 2.0 and AGPL 3.0. All of Reef APIs leverage Apache 2.0 so any project leveraging the Reef API's should use compatible licenses according to FOSS. If you want to build out new services for Reef you can with out binding to AGPL, the same as the API's approach. If you want to modify a internal service of Reef, you will need to create a branch and add the changes. In order for GEC to incorporate the change the author needs to signs a CLA so that GEC can copyright and take responsibility for the code going forward.

The process for starting a project is pretty simple. Once you alert us of the project and description we will reference and promote it in Total Grid. You do not have to release your rights to the code or sign anything with Total Grid or Green Energy Corp.

We believe this is an excellent opportunity for Labs and Academics to participate and leverage more eyeballs than their own project may attract. We also believe that your participation will help drive useful requirements in to the platform.

If you want to build a open source protocol, a weather service, an app of monitoring community energy storage or an analytic engine based on streaming please contact us. We will support you in any way we can to move you along in the right direction.


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