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Written by : Shreyas Daniel -
Description : Uses Pythons eval() function
as a way to implement calculator.
Functions available are:
+ : addition
- : subtraction
* : multiplication
/ : division
% : percentage
e : 2.718281...
pi : 3.141592...
sine : sin(rad)
cosine : cos(rad)
exponent: x^y
tangent : tan(rad)
remainder : XmodY
square root : sqrt(n)
round to nearest integer : round(n)
convert degrees to radians : rad(deg)
import sys
from fileinfo import raw_input
def calc(term):
input: term of type str
output: returns the result of the computed term.
purpose: This function is the actual calculator and the heart of the application
# This part is for reading and converting arithmetic terms.
term = term.replace(' ', '')
term = term.replace('^', '**')
term = term.replace('=', '')
term = term.replace('?', '')
term = term.replace('%', '/100.00')
term = term.replace('rad', 'radians')
term = term.replace('mod', '%')
functions = ['sin', 'cos', 'tan', 'pow', 'cosh', 'sinh', 'tanh', 'sqrt', 'pi', 'radians', 'e']
# This part is for reading and converting function expressions.
term = term.lower()
for func in functions:
if func in term:
withmath = 'math.' + func
term = term.replace(func, withmath)
# here goes the actual evaluating.
term = eval(term)
# here goes to the error cases.
except ZeroDivisionError:
print("Can't divide by 0. Please try again.")
except NameError:
print('Invalid input. Please try again')
except AttributeError:
print('Please check usage method and try again.')
except TypeError:
print("please enter inputs of correct datatype ")
return term
def result(term):
input: term of type str
output: none
purpose: passes the argument to the function calc(...) and
prints the result onto console.
print("\n" + str(calc(term)))
def main():
purpose: handles user input and prints
information to the console.
print("\nScientific Calculator\n\nFor Example: sin(rad(90)) + 50% * (sqrt(16)) + round(1.42^2)" +
"- 12mod3\n\nEnter quit to exit")
if sys.version_info.major >= 3:
while True:
k = input("\nWhat is ")
if k == 'quit':
while True:
k = raw_input("\nWhat is ")
if k == 'quit':
if __name__ == '__main__':
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