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# Script Name :
# Author : Craig Richards
# Created : 14th May 2012
# Last Modified : 14 February 2016
# Version : 1.0.1
# Modifications : 1.0.1 - Tidy up comments and syntax
# Description : This script will check to see if all of the environment variables I require are set
import os
confdir = os.getenv("my_config") # Set the variable confdir from the OS environment variable
conffile = 'env_check.conf' # Set the variable conffile
conffilename = os.path.join(confdir, conffile) # Set the variable conffilename by joining confdir and conffile together
for env_check in open(conffilename): # Open the config file and read all the settings
env_check = env_check.strip() # Set the variable as itself, but strip the extra text out
print('[{}]'.format(env_check)) # Format the Output to be in Square Brackets
newenv = os.getenv(
env_check) # Set the variable newenv to get the settings from the OS what is currently set for the settings out the configfile
if newenv is None: # If it doesn't exist
print(env_check, 'is not set') # Print it is not set
else: # Else if it does exist
print('Current Setting for {}={}\n'.format(env_check, newenv)) # Print out the details
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