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Unit Testing

Download on Flathub

It's getting Cozy


Cozy is a modern audiobook player for Linux.

Here are some of the current features:

  • Import your audiobooks into Cozy to browse them comfortably
  • Sort your audio books by author, reader & name
  • Remembers your playback position
  • Sleep timer
  • Playback speed control
  • Search your library
  • Offline Mode! This allows you to keep an audio book on your internal storage if you store your audiobooks on an external or network drive. Perfect for listening on the go!
  • Add mulitple storage locations
  • Drag & Drop to import new audio books
  • Support for DRM free mp3, m4a (aac, ALAC, …), flac, ogg, opus, wav files
  • Mpris integration (Media keys & playback info for desktop environment)


Flatpak openSUSE Arch Linux Solus VoidLinux elementaryOS
Download on Flathub cozy cozy-audiobooks cozy cozy Currently out of date. Please use Flatpak for now.


The App Center version of Cozy is currently out of date. elementaryOS ships with old versions of dependencies needed by Cozy. Those are not compatible anymore. Therefore I'm unable to update the App Center version to the latest version of Cozy. Please switch over to the Flatpak version for now. If you experience issues with moving your library, let me know!

elementaryOS is working on a new version of App Center which will be based on Flatpak. When the new App Center is live, Cozy will be back on the app center! :) Thanks for everyone who supported me on the App Center.


Currently discontinued

There is an older beta of Cozy 0.6.7 which is tested on macOS 10.14. It might not work with newer versions of macOS. Because the build process is rather complicated and not easy to automate I've currently discontinued building for macOS. If you're interested in the build process: have a look at my writeup.

Some information about the old beta:

  • no integration in notification center or any other desktop integration really
  • media keys are not working
  • dark mode requires 2x switching in settings + is not loading automatically at startup
  • large

You can download it here: Cozy 0.6.7 beta3 for macOS


  • python3
  • meson >= 0.40.0 as build system
  • gtk3 >= 3.18 but fancier with gtk3 >= 3.22
  • peewee >= 3.9.6 as object relation mapper
  • mutagen for meta tag management
  • apsw
  • distro
  • requests
  • pytz
  • packaging
  • gi-cairo
  • gst-1.0
  • file
  • gstreamer1.0-plugins-good
  • gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad
  • gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly
  • gstreamer1.0-libav for mp4 support

Bundled Requirements

This dependency is bundled because it is not generally available as a linux package. The licence is respected and included.


$ git clone
$ cd cozy
$ meson desired_build_directory --prefix=desired_installation_directory
$ ninja -C desired_build_directory install

Update po files

$ ninja -C build com.github.geigi.cozy-update-po
$ ninja -C build extra-update-po

Running a local build

XDG_DATA_DIRS=desired_installation_directory/share:/usr/share PYTHONPATH=desired_installation_directory/lib/python3.[your_python3_version]/site-packages app/bin/com.github.geigi.cozy


I have imported wrong files and cannot get rid of them:

Delete the following folders to reset cozy (this will loose all saved progress):


I can't uninstall the Flatpak:


flatpak uninstall com.github.geigi.cozy/x86_64/stable


flatpak uninstall --user com.github.geigi.cozy/x86_64/stable

Thanks to @Meresmata

I store my audiobooks in a location that is not accessible in the Flatpak sandbox:

You can override the flatpak settings and allow access to a path (e.g. /media) like this:

flatpak --user override --filesystem=/media com.github.geigi.cozy

A big thanks

To the contributors on GitHub:

  • AsavarTzeth
  • Fatih20
  • NathanBnm
  • camellan
  • elya5
  • grenade
  • jnbr
  • kaphula
  • magnickolas
  • meisenzahl
  • naglis
  • oleg-krv
  • umeboshi2
  • worldofpeace

The translators:

  • Distil62
  • Fitoschido
  • Floflr
  • Foxyriot
  • HansCz
  • IvoIliev
  • MageJohn
  • Nimmerliefde
  • Potty0
  • TheMBTH
  • TheRuleOfMike
  • Vistaus
  • W2hJ3MOmIRovEpTeahe80jC
  • aKodi
  • abuyop
  • akodi
  • albanobattistella
  • amadeussss
  • andreapillai
  • arejano
  • camellan
  • chris109b
  • cjfloss
  • cleitonjfloss
  • corentinbettiol
  • dtgoitia
  • eson
  • fishcake13
  • fountain
  • georgelemental
  • giuscasula
  • jan_nekvasil
  • jouselt
  • karaagac
  • libreajans
  • linuxmasterclub
  • mardojai
  • mvainola
  • nvivant
  • oleg_krv
  • test21
  • trampover
  • twardowskidev
  • txelu
  • yalexaner

To nedrichards for the Flatpak.

Help me translate cozy!

Cozy is on Transifex, where anyone can contribute and translate. Can't find your language in the list? Let me know!

If you like this project, consider supporting me on Patreon :)


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