Enables a custom crop rect for UIImagePickerController
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Ever wanted a custom crop area for the UIImagePickerController? Now you can have it with GKImagePicker. Just set your custom crop area and that's it. Just 4 lines of code. If you don't set it, it uses the same crop area as the default UIImagePickerController.

How to use it

  • just drag and drop the files in under "GKClasses" & "GKImages" into your project.
  • look at the sample code below.
  • this project contains a sample project as well, just have a look at the implementation of ViewController.m
  • have fun and follow @gekitz.

Sample Code

self.imagePicker = [[GKImagePicker alloc] init];
self.imagePicker.cropSize = CGSizeMake(320, 90);
self.imagePicker.delegate = self;

 [self presentModalViewController:self.imagePicker.imagePickerController animated:YES];

This code results into the following controller + crop area:

Sample Crop Image

It's even possible to let the user adjust the crop area (thanks to @pathonhauser for this pull request) by setting one additional property:

self.imagePicker.resizeableCropArea = YES;

This code results into the following controller + adjustable crop area: Sample Crop Image Adjustable


Under MIT. See license file for details.