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Gemfury Ruby Library

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The Gemfury Ruby library provides convenient access to the Gemfury API from software written in the Ruby language.

Gemfury is your personal cloud for your private and custom RubyGems, Python packages, and NPM modules. Once you upload your packages and enable Gemfury as a source, you can securely deploy any package to any host. It's simple, reliable, and hassle-free.


Gemfury CLI has moved. We are migrating to a native CLI, and will be removing the CLI portion of this RubyGem. The API Client portion will remain and continue as the Gemfury Ruby SDK.

Introduction to Gemfury

Putting Gemfury to work

Using the Gemfury Client

You can also use the client directly via Ruby; you will need a "Full access token" (API token) from

require 'gemfury'

client = "YOUR API TOKEN")

all_artifacts = client.list
puts "Available artifacts:"
puts all_artifacts

one_artifact = all_artifacts[0]
puts "Versions of the #{one_artifact['language']} artifact #{one_artifact['name']}:"
artifact_versions = client.versions(one_artifact["name"])
puts { |v| v["version"] }

More information about the Gemfury::Client API is hosted on

Contribution and Improvements

Please email us if we've missed some key functionality or you have problems installing the CLI client. Better yet, fork the code, make the changes, and submit a pull request to speed things along.

Submitting updates

If you would like to contribute to this project, just do the following:

  1. Fork the repo on Github.
  2. Add your features and make commits to your forked repo.
  3. Make a pull request to this repo.
  4. Review will be done and changes will be requested.
  5. Once changes are done or no changes are required, pull request will be merged.
  6. The next release will have your changes in it.

Please take a look at the issues page if you want to get started.

Feature requests

If you think it would be nice to have a particular feature that is presently not implemented, we would love to hear that and consider working on it. Just open an issue in Github.

Dependency conflicts

Over time, dependencies for this gem will get stale and may interfere with your other gems. Please let us know if you run into this and we will re-test our gem with the new version of the dependency and update the gemspec.


Please email or file a Github Issue if you have any other questions or problems.