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framework to rapidly implement custom droppers for all three major operating systems


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Genesis Scripting Engine (gscript)

Security framework to rapidly implement custom droppers for all three major operating systems



Gscript is a framework for building multi-tenant executors for several implants in a stager. The engine works by embedding runtime logic (powered by the Otto Javascript Virtual Machine) for each persistence technique. This logic gets run at deploy time on the victim machine, in parallel for every implant contained with the stager. The Gscript engine leverages the multi-platform support of Golang to produce final stage one binaries for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

We encourage you to read through the slides from DEFCON26:

Table of Contents


  • Easy to learn and write - uses javascript.
  • Portable - Compile droppers for OSX, Windows, or Linux from any OS.
  • Robust - Script's are isolated from each other in a safe execution way.
  • Fast.
  • Extensible - Can link native Golang packages directly into your Javascript.


Docker (Easiest)

If you have docker installed, you can run:

$ docker pull gen0cide/gscript:v1

Make a local directory where you can share files between your local machine and the docker container. Replace $LOCAL_DIR in the following command with the path to that:

$ docker run -it -v $LOCAL_DIR:/root/share gen0cide/gscript:v1

Thats it! You're good to go.

Local (Good for advanced)

Local installation requires you to have a Golang compiler setup and working on your machine. If you need to do this, you can grab an installer here. Make sure $GOPATH/bin is in your $PATH.

After that, all you need to do is run:

$ go get

Quick Start

Check out the tutorial docs here:

If you want to see example scripts, we have a separate repo you can clone:


Here's a list of docs and tutorials that might be helpful for you:

(more to come soon)


mentors, contributors, and great friends of gscript

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  • @hecfblog
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