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@genboy genboy released this Apr 24, 2019

Festival Mounichia v1.1.3 new features

  • now 4 language translations: en/nl/es/pl
  • new class ForceUTF8 for json encoding translations (v1.1.2 is skipped because translations did not work)
  • new FlightControl option to disable flight flag

Almost ready at poggit - a bit more info about this update at

The Mounichia or Mounichia (Ancient Greek: Μουνίχια) was an ancient Athenian festival held on the 16th (full moon time) of the month Mounichion (spring) of Athenian calendar in the honor of Artemis Mounichia, Olympian goddess of hunting and wilderness. The surname of the goddess come from the hill of Munichia, where stood an Artemis’ temple, close to Piraeus and to the site of the battle of Salamis. The festival was instituted to commemorate the victory of the Greek fleet over the Persians at Salamis. Cakes adorned all round with burning candles were offered to the goddess. Young girls were dressed up as bears, as for the Brauronia.

Close to Piraeus

The site of the battle of Salamis

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@genboy genboy released this Mar 20, 2019 · 46 commits to stable since this release

Festival 1 update 1.1.1 - the second Panathenaic release march 2019

  • fixed griefing bug
  • fixed flight allowed for creative mode players
  • fixed recursive error
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Mar 20, 2019
Merge pull request #139 from genboy/development
 Panathenaic II release v1.1.0

@genboy genboy released this Mar 9, 2019 · 70 commits to stable since this release

Festival v1.0.9 Consuales Ludi

includes some bugfixes and a change of default flight permission for gmc players.
Download at poggit

The Consuales Ludi or Consualia was the name of two ancient Roman festivals in honor of Consus, a tutelary deity of the harvest and stored grain. Consuales Ludi were held on August 21,[1] at the time of harvest, and again on December 15, in connection with grain storage. The shrine of Consus was underground, it was covered with earth all year and was only uncovered for this one day. Mars, the god of war, as a protector of the harvest, was also honored on this day, as were the Lares, the household gods that individual families held sacred.

During the celebration horses, mules, and asses were exempted from all labour, and were led through the streets adorned with garlands and flowers. Chariot races were held this day in the Circus Maximus, which included an odd race in which chariots were pulled by mules.


  • Fix inArea Player availabillity, player damage cause check order and nl translation
  • Merge pull request #109 from genboy/master
  • Translate fixed & new codesign
  • Merge pull request #114 from genboy/master
  • Fix inArea Player PVP
  • Merge pull request #116 from genboy/master
  • Player inArea checks
  • Merge pull request #119 from genboy/master
  • can entity MysterySkull spawn
  • Merge pull request #120 from genboy/master
  • Merge pull request #121 from genboy/development
  • methods check
  • MysterySkull by CubePM
  • Translate fixed & new codesign
  • Update to version 1.0.9
  • gmc flying allowed by default
  • fix inArea Player availabillity
  • fix player damage cause check
  • add methods check for unknown entity spawn
  • aded inArea array playername var checks
  • fire placement block
  • fire replace block->level setblock air
  • gmc flying allowed
  • info update v1.0.9
  • cleanup ASCII art
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@genboy genboy released this Nov 11, 2018 · 89 commits to stable since this release

Festival 1.0.8 Nemean

Festival version 1.0.8 includes MANY improvements. A very important code fix includes a change in 10 functions constantly running on player move event, to check the area's a player is in. This has improved both speed and accuracy for Festival.

8 new flags, 2 flag changes and some great protective enhancements

Mobs and Animals flags to prevent spawning, including spawner and egg usage. TNT flag, protecting area’s only from tnt block explosions, and Explode, protecting area’s from entities exploding. And the Fire flag now protects area’s from fire (incl. flint & steal) and lava. In v1.0.7 - the tnt, hunger, no fall damage and shoot flags where tested, fire (player burning) is extinguished when player does not get damage (aka. in area with god flag on) and area chat-messages are hidden when msg flag is true. The Edit flag is extended to protect itemframes and dirt/grass from players creating farmland. Last is the cmdmode flag, area commands testing mode for ops only.
Translations! -/fe lang en/nl (so far), set option in config.yml - Festival responses in your language? help translating thank you!
Area Floating titles - /fe titles toggles the floating area's titles center top area (if allowed by configs, and area msg flag must be off)

New Features & changes:

  • Language /fe lang <en/nl/..> - set Festival language in config.yml
  • Edit flag includes No Farmland creation
  • Edit flag includes protect item in frame use
  • TNT flag NEW CHANGES - ! only includes No TNT explosions
  • !NEW Explode flag includes No entity explosions
  • !NEW Fire flag includes No Fire from Flint & Steel and No lava
  • Areas floating title (/fe titles - Areadisplay option in config.yml)
  • Mobs flag prevent mobs from spawning in area
  • Animals flag prevent animals from spawning in area
  • Area messages display in chat with config option Msgtype 'msg'
  • cmd flag: area event commands for ops or whitelisted players only

Festival creation & usage

The Nemean Games were one of the four Panhellenic Games of Ancient Greece, and were held at Nemea every two years. With the Isthmian Games, the Nemean Games were held both the year before and the year after the Olympic Games and the Pythian Games in the third year of the Olympiad cycle. Like the Olympic Games, they were held in honour of Zeus. They were said to have been founded by Heracles after he defeated the Nemean Lion; another myth said that they originated as the funeral games of a child named Opheltes. However, they are known to have existed only since the 6th century BC.
The winners received a wreath of wild celery leaves from the city of Argos.

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Aug 4, 2018
Merge pull request #59 from genboy/master
Release v1.0.7

@genboy genboy released this Aug 4, 2018 · 188 commits to stable since this release

v1.0.7 Festival Haloa

or Thalysia was an ancient Greek festival of first fruits held in the honor of Demeter, the earth goddess, of Dionysus, god of the grape and of wine, and Poseidon, god of the seashore vegetation. In Greek, the word hálōs from which Haloa derives means “threshing-floor” or “garden.” While the general consensus is that it was a festival related to threshing—the process of loosening the edible part of cereal grain after harvest—some scholars disagree and argue that it was instead a gardening festival.
original art


dev tested updated towards api 4.0.0;
PocketMine-MP version 1.7dev-1001 "[REDACTED]" (API 3.0.0-ALPHA12),
PocketMine-MP version 3.1.0,
PocketMine-MP version 4.0.0+dev.1334.

Festival creation & usage

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@genboy genboy released this Jun 13, 2018 · 205 commits to stable since this release

If you like Festival please leave a thumb up at poggit to help getting the Festival plugin approved, thank you!_

Beyond PMMP 1.7dev-1001? - poggit does not yet support releases for ALPHA13: You might want to try the oiginal poggit Stable version dev-32 phar - tested with PMMP 1.7dev-1174 3.0.0-ALPHA13

! All packages for Festival PMMP plugin are generated by automated software provided by, and Always download the original .phar files from or your .zip files from to ensure your environments safety.

Festival plugin logo large

Create a festival with this custom area events plugin for Pocketmine Server ALPHA10+:

Manage area's and run commmands attachted to area events.

Festival creation & usage

Copyright Genboy 2018

The Festival plugin is now a stable plugin defending your worlds and custom areas while exponentially expanding the reach of your favourite plugins with the use of area event commands.

  • ** make a save area to rest with the new PVP flag on **
  • ** provide areas where Flight is allowed or not (dropping without damage) with the new Flight flag **
  • ** use {player} or @p as playname reference variable in area event commands **

issues @ github and/or reviews @ poggit

Thargelia Festival

Festival provides a simple effective way of protection and command automation for Pocketmine server owners, keeping your worlds and games clean. The Festival plugin code is cleaned and improved, purified in the likes of the main goal of the Thargelia Festival and released around the same time the festival was held (Thargelion).

About this Festival release name 'Thargelia' from wiki pedia; festival plugin does not discriminate nor agree with some of the main events during the ancient Thargelia Festival.

The Thargelia Festival (Ancient Greece) was one of the chief Athenian festivals in honor of the Delian Apollo and Artemis, hero on their birthdays, the 6th and 7th of the month Thargelion (about 24 and 25 May). Essentially an agricultural festival, the Thargelia included a purifying and expiatory ceremony.

While the people in the world are in the token of thankfulness, it was at the same time necessary to propitiate him, he might be the harvest by excessive heat, possibly accompanied by pestilence. The purificatory preceded the thanksgiving service.

On the 6th a sheep was sacrificed to Demeter Chloe on the Acropolis, and perhaps a swine to the Fates, but the most important ritual was the following: Two men, the ugliest that could be found (the Pharmakoi) were chosen to die, one for the men, the other (according to some, a woman) for the women. On the day of the sacrifice they were led round with strings of figs on their necks, and whipped on the genitals with rods of figwood and squills. When they reached the place of sacrifice on the shore, they were stoned to death, their bodies burnt, and the ashes thrown into the sea (or over the land, to act as a fertilizing influence).

Now get buzzy with Festival for Pocketmine! Protect your builds, setup smartgrids and automate your fav plugin command in specified regions.

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@genboy genboy released this Apr 30, 2018 · 253 commits to stable since this release

Floralia or Floria, the festival of Flora, the roman goddess of flowers.
Instituted after 173BC. April 28 to May 3 during which the Roman danced through the streets with fresh garlands of flowers.

The plugin update includes ALPHA 12 and a few tweaks.
The whitelisting & perms options/flags have been reviewed; added a configuration option to turn off AutoWhitelisting. more info on this here

Update features:


  • new effect(s) flag
    (true removes player effects on enter area)
  • list area flags: /fe f(lag) list

Config - resources/config.yml

  • new AutoWhitelist on/off config option
    (off does not save area creator in whitelist)
  • new effect(s) flag defaults & worlds specific defaults


  • perms & whitelist reviewed
  • added list of players in area to /fe here
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@genboy genboy released this Mar 14, 2018 · 289 commits to master since this release


Festival plugin logo large

Create a festival with this custom area events plugin for Pocketmine Server ALPHA10+:

Manage area's and run commmands attachted to area events.

New in v1.0.4-11

drop flag
Players can not drop items in the area
perms flag
Use the player permission rules for commands triggered by area events 


Area & Flags

Create and manage area’s
(like WorldGuard/iProtector)

- Define cuboid area by tapping 2 positions
- create/delete/list area’s
- add area description
- whitelist players for the area
- tp to an area
- show area’s info at current position

Set area flags true means

- edit: area is save from building/breaking
- god: players in the area are save in god mode
- touch: area is save from player interaction with chests/signs etc.
- msg: do not display area enter/leave messages 
- passage: no passage for non-whitelisted players! (previously barrier flag)
- perms: player permissions are used to determine area command execution (experiment)
- drop: players can not drop things

Default & world specific flags in config.yml

Events & Commands

Add commands to area events

- assign commands to area events
- enter, center or leave.
- add/edit/delete area event commands
- list area commands (ordered by event)
- change event of area commands

Area event commands are executed by default with op permission by players from the area.
In v1.0.4-11 an experimental perms flag is added, functionality may change in the future;
perms flag true: area uses the player permissions (= without permission no commands/messages are triggered)

Created by Genboy 2018

Credits for the area creation and protection code go to iProtector creator LDX-MCPE and all other iProtector devs.

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