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Download pairs of images from Mapbox

You will need an Mapbox API key.

To download images

python \
  --key YOUR_API_KEY \ 
  --width 256 --height 256 --zoom 17 --num_images 10 \
  --output_dir results/nyc_256a --augment 1 \
  --lat_min -74.004503 --lng_min 40.563883 \
  --lat_max -73.732700 --lng_max 40.895277 \
  --style_map USERNAME/MAP_ID


python --in_path results/nyc_512 --combine 0 --w 1024 --h 512 --frac 0.75 --label_map 1

--combine : to concatenate into single image (pix2pix) or separate directories --w and --h : output width and height, center-cropped from originals --frac : zooming factor to crop smaller subset of image (1.0 = use whole image) --label_map : output label map which is 1-channels denoting index of class, otherwise use original label colors