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@qratosone qratosone released this Nov 7, 2019 · 21 commits to master since this release

There is a pre-release version of GAAS, with a live CD image of Ubuntu 18.04 including most of the dependencies.

Download CD image now

The release includes GAAS and pre-built dependencies of the SLAM components.



GPS-SLAM-IMU-barometer fusion through GTSAM-enabled 6DOF status estimation
- Seamless switch from GPS-denied environment to GPS-environment, achieving uninterrupted flight from indoor to outdoor
- Data fusion in environments with unstable GPS, such as between buildings or under the bridge


Enabled by Localization-Based Navigation 
- Point in GUI, fly with autonomous avoidance - Avoidance Module WIP
- Accommodate diverse taking off and landing environments: outdoor to outdoor, outdoor to indoor, indoor to indoor

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