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Fixed some of the more obvious compiler warnings, i.e. incompatible pointers and suchlike. Commented out the define GIT_VERSION, let the declared version win. Compiles fairly cleanly on GCC5.4.0 with Ubuntu 16.04.1 if you don't go asking for extra warnings.

Adds a couple of tests to to check whether we have the amdgpu-pro driver installed in addition to the AMDAPPSDK. If so, uses from amdgpu-pro with headers from the SDK; if we have the SDK but not amdgpu-pro, use the libraries from the SDK. Less to specify at build time, after git and autoreconf I can simply build and install it with:

CFLAGS="-Os -march=native" ./configure && make clean && make -j5 install

NB. These three commits squash a few easy compile warnings, but there's plenty left. Static analysis (with scan-build from clang-4.0 throws up another 80 bugs from dead assignments to logic errors to possible memory leaks, most of which I haven't begun to understand).

@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
#ifndef MINER_H
#define MINER_H
tpruvot Jan 2, 2017

seems enough to put that here.. only

magick777 Jan 3, 2017

Ah. You are, of course, correct. I'll update accordingly. Thanks for the heads up (and the work on however many miners, too.)

I recall how this happened, worth mention in passing though could well have been user error. The default with 5.5.4 of using OpenCL from /usr/local/lib (AMDAPPSDK-3.0 here) didn't seem to pick up the defs as I expected and I started throwing them around before changing the default to amdgpu-pro, which was known to work for me.

@NaN-git NaN-git was assigned by OhGodAGirl Jan 2, 2017
@OhGodAGirl OhGodAGirl requested a review from NaN-git Jan 2, 2017
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ typedef struct {
sph_whirlpool_context whirlpool1;
} Xhash_context_holder;
-static Xhash_context_holder base_contexts;
+extern Xhash_context_holder base_contexts;
tpruvot Jan 3, 2017

its not the correct way to fix that... because this local type is used in different algos.

Will push a sample commit to fix these warnings

magick777 Jan 3, 2017

Thank you again for your help and patience. As you will have gathered, I'm pretty new at this.

wolf9466 commented Jan 6, 2017

This oddly caused HW errors for me on XMR - I compiled only with --disable-git-version.

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