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A simple http server powered by AutoIt
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AutoIt HTTP Server

This server does not have security as a priority, therefore it is NOT advised to use this for anything but local hosting!

My additions/modifications to jvanegmond's POST Server

The original source can be found here


  • Query strings are now supported, instead for being included as the file name/path
  • PHP support
  • More MIME types
  • 404 status code when returning the 404 response
  • Default index file if trying to access only folder path, not just on root
  • Support for multiple index files, a bit like apatche's DirectoryIndex
  • 403 status code if no index is found, instead of sending a stream of no file
  • Removed double newline at end of "_HTTP_SendData" it appended to any file and seemed to not be needed.
  • Added If...Then statment with ContinueCase in case required PHP files is not present
  • Server URI does now support precent encoding
  • AU3 CGI support

Looking into:

  • gzip
  • MySQL
  • If-Modified-Since header
  • 401 status code, possibly followed by a 403 status code
  • HEAD Method support
  • Maybe adding FindFirstChangeNotification with server to watch settings.ini file for changes, to avoid restarting to apply the changes.
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