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$Id: README,v 1.4 2005/07/29 15:38:00 antonio Exp $

genlop 0.30.4		| by Giorgio Mandolfo <>
Gentoo Linux log parser	| and Antonio Dolcetta <>

genlop is a small perl script for extracting useful information from 
/var/log/emerge.log and printing it out in a nice and colorful output.
Detailed usage information can be found in the genlop manpage.


We wish to thank the following people for help, patches and ideas:

- Michael Stankiewicz, for his initial support
- Shaun Guth, splat author, supplied us with great advice and inspiration
  including the use of the ANSIColor builtin for color handling.
- Many other people have given us advice, ideas and bugfixes, see Changelog
  for more info
  Thanks to all of you

you can always get the most updated version of genlop at

	-- --
	 (thanks felipe for your great work!)

feel free to mail us
(Giorgio) at <>
(Antonio) at <>