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GENT is a template-based project generator, inspired by conscript and g8, written in Groovy. To install,

curl -Ls | sh

How does GENT work?

Firstly, the script will be fetching a Pack200'ed Groovy jar to bootstraping. You'll find ~/bin/gent installed into your system. For example, to create a new Groovy project, proj, just call:

gent --name=proj genttool/gradle-groovy

The repository genttool/ is an example template for building a Groovy project with Gradle. Note that GENT will be looking for a Github repository with the .gent suffix and use it to create a new project into directory proj.

Looking for other templates?

Gent templates and their instructions are listed on Wiki. We currently have templates to support Gradle, Grails, Groovy, Vert.x and ZK. All contributions are welcome.

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