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bbox_label: 'Bounding Box'
download: 'Download'
download_link: 'Original %{download_format}'
success: 'Your file %{title} is ready for download'
hgl_success: 'You should receive an email when your download is ready.'
hgl_request: 'Request Layer'
hgl_request_button: 'Request'
hgl_close: 'Close'
hgl_instructions: 'Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to download the layer when it is ready.' ## new variable
hgl_email: 'Email'
error: 'Sorry, the requested file could not be downloaded'
error_with_url: 'Sorry, the requested file could not be downloaded. Try downloading it directly from: %{link}'
export_formats: 'Export Formats'
export_link: 'Export'
export_shapefile_link: 'Shapefile'
export_kmz_link: 'KMZ'
export_geojson_link: 'GeoJSON'
headline: 'Explore and discover...'
search_heading: 'Find the maps and data you need'
category_heading: 'Find by...'
map_heading: 'Find by location'
institution: 'Institution'
data_type: 'Data type'
placename: 'Placename'
subject: 'Subject'
login_to_view: 'Login to View and Download'
open_carto: 'Open in Carto'
arcgrid: 'ArcGRID'
geojson: 'GeoJSON'
geotiff: 'GeoTIFF'
kmz: 'KMZ'
shapefile: 'Shapefile'
jpg: 'JPG'
esri_geodatabase: 'ESRI Geodatabase'
sqlite_database: 'SQLite Database'
wms: 'Web Mapping Service (WMS)'
wms_abv: 'WMS'
wms_label: 'layers'
wfs: 'Web Feature Service (WFS)'
wfs_abv: 'WFS'
wfs_label: 'typeNames'
iiif: 'International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF)'
iso19139: 'ISO 19139'
mods: 'MODS'
fgdc: 'FGDC'
html: 'HTML'
feature_layer: 'ArcGIS Feature Layer'
tiled_map_layer: 'ArcGIS Tiled Map Layer'
dynamic_map_layer: 'ArcGIS Dynamic Map Layer'
image_map_layer: 'ArcGIS Image Map Layer'
data_dictionary: 'Documentation'
services: 'Web services'
services_close: 'Close'
ancestor: 'Source Datasets'
descendant: 'Derived Datasets (%{count})'
browse_all: "Browse all %{count} records..."
title: 'Data Relations'
view_metadata: 'View Metadata'
more_details: 'More details at'
metadata_error: 'The metadata view for selected schema is not available'
metadata_trace: 'Please select another metadata view. Alternately, try downloading the file or reaching out to the holding institution.'
attribute: 'Attribute'
value: 'Value'
click_map: 'Click on map to inspect values'