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Upgrade Guide

#588 Adds new required files to generated javascript and scss files in a GeoBlacklight application. You will need to add these in our local application if you are upgrading.

In app/assets/javascripts/geoblacklight.js

+//= require handlebars.runtime
 //= require geoblacklight/geoblacklight
 //= require geoblacklight/basemaps
 //= require geoblacklight/controls
 //= require geoblacklight/viewers
 //= require geoblacklight/modules
 //= require geoblacklight/downloaders
 //= require leaflet-iiif
 //= require esri-leaflet
 //= require readmore.min
+//= require leaflet-label-src

In app/assets/stylesheets/geoblacklight.scss

 *= require geoblacklight/application
+*= require leaflet-label

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

#598 fixes modal styling regressions
#588 adds index map viewer

More on index maps: https://github.com/geoblacklight/geoblacklight/wiki/Adding-index-maps

A big thanks to the contributors who made this release possible: