GeoBlacklight 1.0 Upgrade Guide

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Blacklight 6 upgrades

Update Routes

Make sure you update your routes to use the new Blacklight 6 format. GeoBlacklight has also been updated to use a similar format.

You will probably need to update the names of several of the Blacklight routes. Some of them now use named paths.

Also see: "Routing Changes"

Add rsolr to Gemfile

Blacklight now requires this to be specified in a consuming application's Gemfile

GeoBlacklight updates

Update SearchBuilder

If you previously subclassed or created your own SearchBuilder, you may need to change that. If not, you should be ok.

Add updated settings to file

New settings have been added to the GeoBlacklight settings.yml file. New settings include:

  • metadata fields can now be set and customized
  • Options for the Leaflet map can now be applied via settings

Update geoblacklight.js

Make sure your application's geoblacklight.js file requires all the needed modules:


//= require geoblacklight/geoblacklight
//= require geoblacklight/basemaps
//= require geoblacklight/controls
//= require geoblacklight/viewers
//= require geoblacklight/modules
//= require geoblacklight/downloaders
//= require leaflet-iiif
//= require esri-leaflet
//= require readmore.min

Updating CatalogController

Update your catalog_controller.rb file to:

  • Use the Geoblacklight::DocumentPresenter
config.index.document_presenter_class = Geoblacklight::DocumentPresenter
  • Use the newly configured Solr fields from the settings.yml file (optional).
  • Use the autocomplete feature from Blacklight
    # Configuration for autocomplete suggestor
    config.autocomplete_enabled = true
    config.autocomplete_path = 'suggest'

Schema updates

The Solr schema.xml file now uses layer_slug_s as the primary key for the index. Since we deprecated the uuid field in the schema, we recommend rebuilding your Solr index with the latest schema.xml configuration.

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