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easternmotors commented Feb 3, 2021

I have been using Camera.changed when the position/orientation of the camera changes but it seems that both Camera.twistLeft(amount) and Camera.twistRight(amount) don't trigger an event (though it seems like it may rarely?).

The twist command doesn't change the position of the camera, only the orientation (from what I understand). Even though Camera.changed doesn't specifically mention

domlysz commented Mar 11, 2020

Please respect the following template to report a new issue, otherwise your issue will be automatically closed.

Before submitting, search through existing open or closed issues reports and through to check whether the issue already exists.

If the issue concerns an operator that grab geodata from an external web service (Basemaps, OSM, SRTM), then it can be a network

coconut2015 commented May 29, 2019

I briefly looked some of the h3lib code via web interface, and they use malloc / free. Forgive me if h3lib can already configure to be used with other memory management routines.

I am wondering if it is possible to add configurable memory management routines other than malloc / free. I could certainly modify the code myself, but then it would create an upgrade / merge issue.

Basically, I a

adrianvoica commented Oct 7, 2020

Hello Maurits,
This is more of a request than it is an actual issue, but I think the value in this request is really high (for newcomers, especially - but not limited to).
Could you please add a COMPLETE application example of using the API (with user authentication, maybe even with the user-creation SQL script, table authorization, etc).
This would be really really helpful as a quickstart /

klauern commented Jul 31, 2020

Is there a way to know when the imagery was collected? I assume sometime in the daylight hours, and probably recently(?) but I have no way of knowing by looking at the output and the associated image.

Can that output be put in the CLI output or some other metadata file that gets associated with the LC####### directory?

orangemug commented Jan 30, 2020

'react-autocomplete' ( is no longer maintained and causing warnings

react-dom.development.js:12357 Warning: componentWillMount has been renamed, and is not recommended for use. See for details.

  • Move code with side effects to componentDidMount, and set initial state in the constructor.
  • R

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