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Collection of Vue components and Design Tokens used across Geoblink


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Getting started

To install this library first you have to add it to your dependencies:

yarn add @geoblink/design-system
npm i -P @geoblink/design-system

After that, you must install it in your Vue instance:

import Vue from 'vue'
import GeoblinkDesignSystem from '@geoblink/design-system'

// ...


// ...

Finally you have to import the styles. You can import the built CSS styles or the raw SCSS file (which include the design tokens as variables):

@import '~@geoblink/design-system/dist/system.css';
@import '~@geoblink/design-system/dist/system.utils.scss';

To import only variables, mixins or functions without generated css classes to use on your own SCSS files you can import the tokens SCSS file

@import '~@geoblink/design-system/dist/tokens/system.tokens.scss';

Depending on your bundler settings you can import it in your JavaScript bundle, too:

import '@geoblink/design-system/dist/system.css'
import '@geoblink/design-system/dist/system.utils.scss'

Finally you'll be able use any component from the Design System like they are used in the demos:

  <geo-primary-button @click="doSomething()">
    Do something!

export default {
  methods: {
    doSomething () {
      alert('Do something!')

Button example


Documentation for latest stable version is available at