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hpgl2gcode - A HPGL to GCode converter.

Hpgl2gcode is a simple conversion program for taking the output of the Eagle HPGL Cam Processor and converting it to a form that is understood by a RepRap 3D printer with a Pen holder.


Execute a git clone into a working directory.

*git clone git@github.com:geoffd123/Hpgl2Gcode.git*

Ensure you have Ruby installed on your system

*ruby -v*

This should return the version number of the accessible ruby, if it says 'not found' you will need to install it on your system

Creating input files

In the 'cam' directory you will find a sample Eagle cam job that will produce the correct output, you will need to 
set the correct pen size, offset etc for your machine.

This will save the output as {board_name}.top.hpgl and {board_name}.bot.hpgl.

Running hpgl2gcode

In a command line session change into where you have cloned hpgl2gcode

*hpgl2gcode -h* will list the available options.

 *-t, --thickness value*          Board thickness in mm (default 0.0) this is the height the pen will draw at.
 *-c, --z_clearance value*        Z Height for pen to clear board (default 3.0mm).
 *-f, --feedrate =value*          Feedrate for drawing (default 5.0mm/s)
 *-r, --travelrate =value*        Travelrate for moving X, Y axis (default 60.0mm/s)
 *-z, --zrate =value              Travelrate for moving Z Axis  (default 5.0mm/s)
 *-i, --input path*               Path to input (hpgl) *mandatory*
 *-o, --output path*              Path to output (gcode) defaults to input file with .gcode extension
 *-h, --help*                     Show help message

 *hpgl2gcode -i pcb/mypcb.bot.hpgl -t 1.5*  will produce an output file of pcb/mypcb.bot.gcode with a drawing height of 1.5mm.

Distributed under the MIT License, all rights reserved 2011 Geoff Drake

You can follow the progress of using this software to plot PCB's at apapageek.blogspot.com


The source is available on GitHub at github.com/geoffd123/Hpl2Gcode


Fixed bug in arcs, improved error reporting, add support for partial arcs.


Initial version supporting PU, PD, PA and AA as circles, not arcs.