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This is a port of Dan Eden's Animate.css for SASS.

Doesn't this already exist somewhere else?

Yes, there are plenty of other ports of this library. Many of them aren't very active projects and, honestly, I was just a little too lazy to submit my changes to those repositories.

Also, I was looking for something a little more flexible. This version allows you to import all animations at a whopping 53kb or only import what you need. It's a flavor thing.


Grab it with Bower

bower install animatewithsass

The default import includes all animations.

@import "animate.scss";

Want to pick and choose which animations are imported? Go into animate.scss and comment out what you don't need.

// Always required

// Import the animations
  // "_attention-seekers/attention-seekers.scss", // This will not import

You only want one of two of the animations? You can @import the specific partials in animate.scss instead (Example: @import "_attention-seekers/_bounce";).


Once your files have been added to your project and you've customized your @imports, you can start including the animations directly to your classes.

.your-class-name {
  @include bounce();

The mixin includes configurable options to customize the delay, count duration, function and fill-mode of your animations.

.your-class-name {
  @include bounce(
    $duration: 1s,
    $count: 2,
    $delay: .2s,
    $function: ease, 
    $fill: both

Just Want the CSS?

You can have that too. Link up animate.css to your document <head> and add the animations like you would any class name.


Animate.css and Animate.scss are both licensed under the MIT license. (


Feel free to submit a pull request. I'm open to animations not included in Animate.css. If you're going to submit a pull request, please match the formatting (naming convention and file structure) and include a demo of your submission on CodePen.