Continuing Professional Development (CPD) artefact for Mahara. 1.3_STABLE branch is for Mahara 1.3.x or earlier.1.7_STABLE branch is for Mahara 1.7.x to 1.8.x. Master branch is for Mahara 1.9 and later.
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Plugin for adding a Continuing Professional Development log to Mahara

Many programmes of study, careers and professions have an expectation or obligation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). For example, in the UK Further Education (FE) and Skills sector, the Institute for Learning (IfL) has a requirement that its members commit to at least 30 hours of CPD (or pro-rata for part-time teachers or trainers).

This Mahara plugin allows a simple log of CPD activity to be maintained. It includes fields for the start date, end date (if appropriate) title, location and description of the CPD acitivity together with the time spent (hours). Also, a rolling total of time spent on CPD is calculated.

One rationale for this plugin is that if teachers/lecturers find Mahara useful to record and reflect upon their own CPD, they will be more likely to use Mahara with their students.

The CPD can be added to a Mahara view which can also include related resources and artefacts e.g. a blog reflecting in more detail on particular aspects of the CPD. 

The plugin allows a user to have multiple instances of CPD. So, a user can start a new CPD for each academic year or have a dedicated CPD for a particular programme of study. 

The plugin adds a new 'CPD' ('My CPD' in Mahara 1.3), similar to 'Plans'('My Plans') to 'Portfolio' ('My Portfolio') in Mahara. Indeed, the code was based on Mahara 'Plans' and was initially developed by James Kerrigan, one of the students on the Foundation degree in Computing and Internet Technology at the University Centre Yeovil.

Tagging added in 2013, courtesy of Son Nguyen.

It is possible to export a Page, or Pages, containing a CPD log, as HTML pages. 

It is also possible to import/export a CPD log using the Leap2A format allowing transfer between different Mahara installations or other Leap2A compliant ePortfolio systems.

The plugin is currently available from GitHub.

Download from the master branch (for the latest version), unpack and copy the /cpds folder (and included files and folders) into the /artefact folder of your Mahara installation. 

Then enable the plugin type: artefact cpds, followed by the plugin type: blocktype cpds/cpds from the Plugin Administration interface.

The plugin has versions which work with any Mahara 1.3 to 1.10 or 15.04 installation. It creates a new artefact_cpds_activity table which is a 1:1 extension of the artefact table. 

Please test it on a development installation before production deployment.