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A bunch of scripts and php pages to handle IGC files and store them into a mysql database, determine track distance, do paragliding GAP RACE scoring, OLC-style scoring, etc. It also presents tracks on Google Maps for further viewing.

The basic philosophy is to provide the scoring tools as a set of simple executable (perl scripts) that can be wrapped with any GUI. At this stage I've only provided a basic PHP/Google Maps interface.

The database schema maybe found in xcdb.sql.


With the exception of the following code:

einsert.js ( - copyright Mike Williams) elabel.js ( - copyright Mike Williams)

bootstrap open-iconic spacelab.css leafletjs leaflet-fullscreen leaflet-ruler leaflet-easybutton leaflet-sidebar

All rest of the code is provided under the GPL License version 2 described in the file "Copying".

If this is not present please download from

Geoff Wong, 2007-2016


Helps to be experienced with Apache configurations and Mysql.

  • Edit the "Makefile":
    • set the mysql password you want to use for airscore
    • set your CGI bin directory
    • set your HTDOCS location (for the php files)
  • 'make database' if it's your first installation
  • Type 'make'
  • Ensure Apache is configured with mod-php, perl should be available too
  • Test that the login page work .../airscore/login.php (user: admin, pass: admin)

Other packages needed:

  • php5
  • mysql
  • perl
  • libxml-simple-perl

mysql config

Remove select/strict group by enforcement add the following to mysql.cnf:


Web Security

  • Enable exec() functionality for php.
  • Enable CGI (*pl *php) from the main installation directory for Apache

Script Notes

What do the perl scripts do:

  • - adds an IGC track to the database
  • - verify an 'airgain' task (collecting points in the region)
  • - check airpsace for a task
  • - read in an Openair format airspace file
  • - read in a SUA format airspace file
  • - read in a bunch of IGC files
  • - import pilot information from a CSV file
  • - delete a track
  • - export to FS XML format (not fully functional)
  • - import a FS XML format file (not fully functional)
  • - local handicap calculation
  • - read an IGC file
  • - read an IGC without doing a 'no-flying' strip
  • - do an OLC optimisation on a flight
  • - compute the shortest-route through a task
  • - score a task
  • - re-verify all tracks associated with a task, and re-score it
  • - team scoring stuff
  • - verify an individual track against a task


AirScore - online paragliding / hanggliding GAP-based scoring software.




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