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.settings/gradle Update to Gradle 2.13 and Android SDK 23.0.3 May 5, 2016
common-jre use angle dialog code from common Nov 16, 2018
common GGB-2576 fix SolveCubic(3x^3-12x^2+6x+14) Nov 17, 2018
desktop properties files and related resources automatically updated from ggb… Nov 17, 2018
eclipse Removed eclipse references from common and web Apr 20, 2015
ggbjdk fix warnings Feb 27, 2018
giac-jni Java compatibility to 1.7 Nov 27, 2017
giac [giac] fmod(a,b) command Nov 18, 2018
gradle-scripts Automatically update Java Giac version to '65145' Oct 26, 2018
gradle/wrapper Update Gradle to 4.10 Oct 18, 2018
input3D Compile error: back to SDK4 Apr 5, 2018
jogl2 Java compatibility to 1.7 Nov 27, 2017
keyboard-base GGB-2554 make CapsLock work with scientific keyboard Oct 17, 2018
keyboard-scientific MOB-1803: use apostrophe instead of prime for correct latex rendering… Sep 19, 2018
keyboard-web Add display:block for keyboard buttons (needed for embedding), remove… Nov 16, 2018
retex GGB-2475 fix for \Epsilon (mistake in r65243) Nov 18, 2018
test Add more documentation Nov 15, 2018
unity Adding CoherentGT Samples Scripts. Apr 23, 2018
web properties files and related resources automatically updated from ggb… Nov 17, 2018
README fix path Mar 29, 2017
build.gradle APPS-72 Remove missed commit with jacoco Oct 24, 2018 Encoding change, added ggver Apr 15, 2015
gradlew Gradle 4.3, update PMD to 5.6.1 Dec 26, 2017
gradlew.bat Migrate to Gradle 3.0, simplifying repository listing Sep 14, 2016
settings.gradle IGR-853 Add Scientific Calculator keyboard Jul 17, 2018


Welcome to GeoGebra!

The primary site for GeoGebra's source code is which
is a read-only Subversion repository. We maintain a copy of it

Please read about GeoGebra's
licensing. A copy of this license should also be found in the file

To learn more on development of GeoGebra (including suggested compilation
steps) please visit