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Welcome to GeoGebra!

This repository contains source code of GeoGebra's math apps. It is available on a private GitLab instance and mirrored to GitHub.

Please read about GeoGebra's licensing.

Running the web version

To start the web version from command line, run

./gradlew :web:run

This will start a development server on your machine where you can test the app. If you need to access the server from other devices, you can specify a binding address

./gradlew :web:run -Pgbind=A.B.C.D

where A.B.C.D is your IP address. Then you can access the dev server through http://A.B.C.D:8888. You can also run ./gradlew :web:tasks to list other options.

Running the desktop version (Classic 5)

To start the desktop version from command line, run

./gradlew :desktop:run

You can also run ./gradlew :desktop:tasks to list other options.

Setup the development environment

  • Open IntelliJ. If you don't have IntelliJ on your computer yet then you can download and install it from here
  • In the menu select File / New / Project from Version Control / Git
  • In the new window add the following path:
  • Click on ‘Checkout’, select your preferred destination folder, select Java 1.8 as the SDK, click on OK and wait…
  • After the project is checked out, select the root folder of the project, open the Run Anything tool (Double ^ on Mac) and run the following command: ./gradlew :web:run
  • After a minute or two the GWT UI will appear
  • After the Startup URLs are loaded on the UI, select the app that you wish start. For example, if you select graphing.html and click on Launch Default Browser then the Graphing Calculator app with the newest features will load and start in your default browser