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GeoJSON in JSON-LD contexts
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Describing and extending GeoJSON with JSON-LD

JSON-LD is JSON for linking data and it's a web standard: It offers a smooth path for upgrading existing GeoJSON data.

A JSON-LD context defines terms and other things and allows GeoJSON documents to be more specific about data, e.g, what "type" and "id" and the keys of "properties" mean to the rest of the web. Additionally, JSON-LD's "@type" and "@id" provide a means of integrating GeoJSON with other schemas.

This GeoJSON-LD project is focussed on publishing a vocabulary of GeoJSON terms and a base JSON-LD context for GeoJSON data, but also aims to help organizations develop good practices for upgrading GeoJSON data.


Below is an example of using JSON-LD to declare that the features of a collection are also Places and that their "description" property is the same thing as a decription. Bringing optional namespaces to the "properties" grab bag is perhaps the best thing that JSON-LD can do for GeoJSON data.

    { "@context": {
        "FeatureCollection": "",
        "Feature": "",
        "Place": "",
        "description": ""
      "type": "FeatureCollection",
      "@id": "",
      "features": [ 
        { "type": "Feature",
          "@type": ["Feature", "Place"],
          "id": 1,
          "@id": "",
            { "description": "The first place" },
          } ]


This is a work in progress. See

A demo vocabulary including the GeoJSON terms above is online at

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