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Official FBReaderJ project repository
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assets Geometer Plus => FBReader.ORG Limited
docs a separate directory for documentation
help complate translate to persian
icons-misc misc fbreader related icons
icons-scalable main fbreader icon in svg format
jni copyright: Geometer Plus => FBReader.ORG Limited, 2014 => 2015
libs synchronisation with covers_sync branch
obsolete MiniHelp files removed from the build
res French translation
scripts copyright: Geometer Plus => FBReader.ORG Limited, 2014 => 2015
src copyright: Geometer Plus => FBReader.ORG Limited, 2014 => 2015
third-party synchronisation with covers_sync branch
.gitignore simplified building procedure: icon files are in res/drawable, not in…
AndroidManifest.xml version => 2.3.2
AndroidManifest.xml.pattern version => 2.2.7, no sync permissions
ChangeLog release date
HowToBuild ant code simplification
TODO.1.5 cleanup
TODO.2pages 2-column view: fixed end-of-section processing, fixed backward scrolling
TODO.bookInfo updated TODOs
TODO.catalogs more issues
TODO.dictionary TODO lists cleanup
TODO.favorites TODO
TODO.highlighting new gotoBookmarkImplemantation(): open page with bookmark, do not mov…
TODO.honeycomb cleanup
TODO.library fixed synchronization
TODO.libraryService TODO updates
TODO.litres more TODO items cleanup
TODO.selection updated German/Dutch translations updated TODO
VERSION version => 2.3.2 SDK r14
build.xml new style intro text: generator + Russian data
ideas.mss added the URL for BitmapFactory.Options
proguard.cfg proguard.cfg is not executable :) version => 14
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