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Just another lightweight mvc framework
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Is a new lightweight framework, made for people who is starting on the world of MVC patterns and wants to create new applications.

supported php version > 5.6, 7

Databases supports many drivers (mysql, sqlite, PostgreSQL, mssql, sybase, Oracle Call Interface -oci-)


  • Lightweight Framework
  • Easy to install
  • NOTORM Database
  • Templates for each view
  • Many and useful helpers
  • Easy to manage
  • Secure and fast

Getting Started

Well, you did install the framework but, you need to set some parameters for the correct working.

  1. Create a virtualhost
  2. Go to /app/config/config.php and set up your configurations
  3. Go to /app/config/database_config.php and set up your connection to your database and his respective table.
  4. Finally set up your routes on the file:/app/Routes.php
  5. Ready to go
Sorry no composer, batteries included.

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