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1 Haskell A Day exercises

This project provides a git support for 1HaskellADay's exercises (see @1HaskellADay and the hashtag #1HaskellADay)

Getting started

  • Find an exercise in the exercises folder (there is one in the Exercise.hs file of each "leaf/date folder"). For example, the first one is in HAD\Y2014\M02\D24\Exercise.hs
  • Do it.
  • At the root of the project, run ghci.
  • check your answer with check. For example here: check =<< date 2014 2 24
  • compare your answer with the proposed one (in the Solution.hs file)

The 1had executable

If you install 1HaskellADay with cabal (cabal configure and then cabal install), you can use the 1had executable for an easier access to the tests and exercices.

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