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module Y2017.M05.D05.Solution where
import Data.Time.Calendar
import Data.Time.Calendar.WeekDate
Happy Cinco de Mayo, Haskellers!
Check the lock-screen of my iPad (screen shot at this directory) is says
TUESDAY, May 5th.
So, what is the most recent year where Cinco de Mayo was on a Tuesday?
... and how would you go about finding this solution?
mostRecentYear5MayTuesday :: Integer
mostRecentYear5MayTuesday = mry5mt 2017
mry5mt :: Integer -> Integer
mry5mt yr = let (_,_,tues) = toWeekDate (fromGregorian yr 5 5) in
if tues == 2 then yr else mry5mt (pred yr)
>>> mostRecentYear5MayTuesday
... ooh! dat one old iPad! Yes, it is!
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