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module Y2017.M06.D15.Exercise where
Today's Haskell problem comes by way of @aisamanra, Mr. Lists-are-Mu-functions-
For, as we all know: 'Mus' is the plural of 'Mu.'
Deep thoughts, from geophf, the Muse.
geddit? Mu? Mus? Muse? GEDDIT?
'getty the sitokouros' defines Lists as follows:
(also see hipster-lists.png)
newtype Mu f = Mu (f (Mu f))
data L t r = Nil | Cons t r
type List t = Mu (L t)
-- now why @aisamanra didn't have the type be Μ and not Mu ... that is to say:
-- Μ, the Greek letter for M, which you often see as μ, is beyond me, but okay.
-- So, anyway, today's haskell problem
-- Problem 1.
-- Scare your friends, and replace all [a] values with List a values, but write
-- a show-instance so that they can't tell the difference ... AT ALL!
instance Show t => Show (L t r) where
show Nil = undefined
show (Cons t r) = undefined
-- hint: there may be a trick to this show instance, a setting-up context.
-- Problem 2.
-- write headμ and tailμ functions
headμ :: List t -> t
headμ = undefined
tailμ :: List t -> List t
tailμ = undefined
-- Of course, like head and tail, these are not total functions.
-- Consolation: deal with it.
-- Problem 3.
-- Of course, List t is Foldable and Traversable, right?
-- Make it so, Number 1
instance Foldable (L t) where
foldMap = undefined
instance Traversable (L t) where
traverse = undefined -- or you can define sequenceA if you prefer
-- which means, OF COURSE, that List t MUST BE a Functor!
instance Functor (L t) where
fmap = undefined
-- Problem 4.
-- Now that you have all that, define a List Int of 1 .. 10. What is the sum of
-- that list's elements's successors? What is the headμ? What is the tailμ?
oneToTen :: List Int
oneToTen = undefined
sumSucc10 :: List Int -> Int
sumSucc10 = undefined
headμ10 :: List Int -> Int
headμ10 = undefined
tailμ10 :: List Int -> List Int
tailμ10 = undefined
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